hot-college-girlMe and my buddy Dr. David Tan love to talk about the “psychology” of attracting and seducing women.

He harps on a principle called “effort justification”.

It’s the psychological law that states “the more effort we put into something, the more we want it.”

This law is the reason why us men go CRAZY over women who are “hard to get”.

Because winning her over demands a LOT of effort.

But here’s the thing:

The rule goes both ways.

When a woman senses you are putting effort in to “win her over”, 99% of the time she quickly loses interest.

It’s the catch 22.

Her dream man is a guy who SHE has to work for.

[Here's How To Manipulate This "Law" To Get In Her Pants]

Look, I’m not saying it’s impossible to “win a girl over” by putting in a bunch of effort…

Buying her stuff… taking her on expensive dates… complimenting her… using “attraction techniques” that scream “THIS GUY IS A TRY HARD”.

She’s just probably not going to fall in love with you, or get obsessed with you. You’ll be “just another guy” who she sleeps with. And if you’re lucky (or she’s really desperate) she’ll let you date her for a few months.

And do you really want a girl that only “kind of” digs you?

I don’t.

The only way to get her CRAZY about you, is you can make HER work for YOU.

And here’s the cool part that Dr. David ALWAYS mentions when we talk…

It doesn’t matter if you’re 350 pound slob who lives with mom and dad…

If you know how to compel HER to put in effort to win YOU over, she’s going to “justify” it to herself. She’ll tell herself, “wow, I’m putting all this effort in, I must really be into this guy.”

This works because of the psychological law of “effort justification”.

Women backwards rationalize. When they work for something, they automatically convince themselves they want it.

And Dr. David Tan figured out how any guy can use this to get a girl he wants:

[check it out]

Imagine that…

The girl you’ve been thinking about, almost magically begins to put in all the effort to win your affection… and get in your pants.

While you sit back, relax and enjoy the fun.

Well, that’s now possible with a simple, step-by-step system Dr. David created that gets HER chasing YOU…

You can see a live demonstration of it in action here

But hurry, David told me this presentation is only going out to a limited number of guys.

When it reaches it’s “cap”, it’s gone for good.

Alright man, I’m out.

Make it happen!



16987934_mlSo today, I introduce you to my good friend and Dating Coach Jason Capital.

He’s a guy I’ve hung out with recently in New York and Las Vegas…

And I was pretty impressed with his style so I asked him to write a guest newsletter for my subscribers.  -

This is a very indepth newsletter, filled with solid examples, step by step instructions… and no fluff.


( I also have an interviewed planned for later in the week)

Jason just released his newest book called”77 Ways To Make Her Want To F*ck You”, and I’ll be straight:

It’s pretty ridiculously awesome.

Check it out here - I HIGHLY recommend it.

The book is filled with 77 different ways to make any girl want to f*ck you (whole book is 150+ pages).

He calls it the “street smart seducer’s bible”.

(BTW, it is only available for a short time this week, and then it’s only available in stores offline, if you can find it.)

Some of the “77 Ways” are word-for-word, others are more strategic, some are games that do the work for you and some are downright crazy…

But they’re all based on HIS OWN and his client’s experiences.

Translation: They’ve all been TESTED and PROVEN to work, to make  the girl you want feel the intense desire to f*ck you sooner rather than later.

Anyways, I got him to share one of “The 77 Ways” free with my most-dedicated guys, so check it out below from Jason and I’ll see
you in a couple days with more, as I scored an exclusive interview for us with the infamous Capital :-)

His article is below…

Enjoy man.

-Bobby R.


Method #28: Make It Her Fault!

By Jason Capital, “77 Ways To Make Her Want To F*ck You”

Framing, and frame control, really is the coolest thing ever.

I heart it so hard.

But I don’t mean that in a power-hungry way. Not at all, actually..

You can know everything you want about frame control but unless you actually live like a badass when people aren’t watching too,
you’re not going to be able to influence anyone, or any girl for that matter. However..

If you are a badass, and you know how to use frame control and framing to your advantage, you now have the easy ability to create insane amounts of positive, sexual excitement with your girls.

The reason why is simple: Most girls “frames” are highly moldable.

This isn’t a bad thing. Not even a little. At its core, this is a big reason why women are so awesome. It’s why..

They’re open, perceptive and fluid, and..

This is totally fvcking awesome for seducing her the way she wants to be seduced..

Check it: Whatever frame you’re acting through with a girl (and you’re truly committed to the frame), she will take it on and act through that frame herself.

Like, I don’t know, for instance, what if your frame was that SHE is making YOU like her?

Best. Frame. Ever.

This is Method #28, the two-step formula I use over and over in almost every seduction..

It goes like this:

Step 1. Blame my attraction, escalation or any other sexual thoughts on her (this is my frame, that it’s her fault)

Step 2. Take it away (this creates the space for maximum sexual tension)

Let’s go to the big screen for an example here:

You’re with a girl you met 15 minutes ago.

It’s clearly on – you guys are flirting, playful touching, eye contact, the whole 9.

But you want to step it up a notch and really turn the heat up.

You look at her and say, “Seriously, why are you doing this to me? Making me like you and thinking about kissing you. Not fair.” (STEP 1)

She laughs and says, “Me!? You! You’re making me think about all that stuff!”

You smirk and calmly reply, “It wouldn’t matter anyways. Cute girls are always so unimaginative in bed.” (STEP 2)

She shrieks in delight and smacks you on the arm as you pull her in and kiss the fvck out of her.

This making sense?

Good, it should.

Ask yourself now: What are some funny things you could say that would blame your attraction for her ON HER?

Here’s a quick brain dump of mine (STEP 1):

  • Why are you doing this to me? You’re the worst. I hate you.
  •  Seriously, stop it. Stop looking at me like that. Don’t smile
  • at me like that either.
  •  Are you trying to hypnotize me with your eyes right now?
  •  Why are you making me think these thoughts about you?
  •  You know, it’s really not cool to be so cute and charming. Not fair.
  •  Do you seduce every guy like this?
  •  It’s really not fair of you to make me feel this way about you.
  •  How did you know I have a weakness for brunettes from Southern
  • Cali? You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you…I’m on to your tricks
    little one.
  • -And so on.

Here are the two different ways I find it most fun to “take away” after you blame it on her.. (STEP 2):

1. The “I can’t even talk to you anymore”..


  • I can’t even look at you anymore, stop it, turn the other way..
    (as you playfully turn her the other way)
  •  I can’t even talk to you anymore, seriously, zip it, shut yourmouth now..
    (as you playfully close her lips with your hands)
  •  You’re the worst. I hate everything about you, especially how
    you make me feel when you smile and laugh. Seriously. Stop it. Now.
    Leave. Get out of here. (and then of course, I playfully push her
    away before pulling her back in for a kiss)

2. Creating a real or fake barrier.

Barriers put attraction on steroids.

Think of Romeo and Juliet..

How much of their love affair was spurred by both of their families not wanting them to hook up, or aka.. ACTING AS A BARRIER.



  • - It wouldn’t matter anyways…cute girls are always bad in bed.And boring. Fvccckkkk.. So boring.
  •  It doesn’t matter anyways, that guy there is really into you, we could never do that to him..

That last one is one of my personal favs..

You just pick out a random guy in the bar and pretend he has a huge crush on the girl you’re talking to and you guys can’t hook up
because “you couldn’t do that to him”…even though neither of you know him at all. See..

..fake barriers work just as well as real ones. They spark the same emotions.

This is one of the greatest things you could ever do with a girl, and you can bring it up FOREVER as an inside joke between you two, sparking that same emotion of INTENSE ATTRACTION every single time.

That tip right there is worth the entire investment of this book. You’re welcome :-)

And hey, if you somehow got access to this method, Method #2 of The 77 Ways, through Bobby,  I hope you got a lot out of it.

Come join us inside and get access to the rest of the 77 methods

Peace beast.

-Jason Capital


Hey… Bobby here again…

I hope you enjoyed Jason’s article.  I told you it was in depth.

And his book is exactly the same. Full of indepth examples and strategies…

Check it out…

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The Desire System, and Guest Article by Dr. David Tan.

Hey man,

My friend Dr. David wrote a guest article for you today, where he’ll reveal the #1 mistake that’s preventing you from getting laid.

Trust me… you’re probably doing it. And it’s most likely cost you AT LEAST one girl before. So let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again, OK?

[Don't Miss Dr. David's free video demonstration here]

Enter Dr. David…

================== If you’re reading this, you’re probably not happy with your sex life.

I mean, maybe it’s not AWFUL, but…

You’re either not getting laid as much as you’d like, or you’re not getting laid by the kinds of girls you’re REALLY attracted to.

Do you know why that is?

Well, if you’ve read any sort of men’s dating advice, chances are you’ve been lied to over and over again.

These so-called “gurus” try and make you believe you need to work on your “attraction game” or come up with better “pick up lines”.

Sure, you can focus on that stuff if you want. And MAYBE your skills with women will improve, little-by-little.

But here’s the TRUTH of the matter…

If a woman doesn’t want to sleep with you, the reason is simple:

It’s because you aren’t turning her on.

That’s it.

She just isn’t horny around you.

If she’s not turned on, NOTHING you say will make a difference. She just won’t be interested.

However, if you know how to turn a woman on (and it’s MUCH easier than you think)…

It doesn’t matter what you do. NOTHING you say will make a difference. She’s already yours.

All you have to do is not screw up epically.

So, what works to turn a woman on?

Well, first let’s talk about what DOESN’T:

Good looks, being fit, being rich…

What??? Dr. David, you’re joking right?

OK sure, that stuff can help if you know what you’re doing. But 90% of the time, it actually turns a woman off.

Here’s why:

It leads to the single most unattractive, repulsive behavior you can do to a woman:


It doesn’t matter if you’re outright bragging to her about your car…

Or if you’re subtly hinting at the fact you have dated beautiful woman in the past.

She’ll pick up on it, and it will turn her off.

You see, when you brag to a woman, she instantly senses that you’re trying to “prove yourself” to her.

And a woman’s “dream man” (and “dream lay”) is a man with NOTHING to prove.

In fact, it’s a man who SHE has to prove HERSELF to.

Which means, if you cut out all “prove yourself” behavior around woman…

And replace it with behavior that compels HER to “prove herself” to YOU…

You’re already 90% of the way there.

And man, I struggled with this for years. Even when I wasn’t overtly bragging to a woman, I was trying to subtly “win her over” using lame pickup lines and techniques.

She can smell that crap a mile away. Unless she’s truly desperate, you’re toast.

So, what REALLY turns her on?

Well, maybe I’ll write another guest post soon outlining the best ways to turn a woman on very soon :)

But in the meantime, here’s a simple formula:

STEP ONE: Eliminate All Behavior Where You’re Trying To “Prove Yourself”

Seriously… I realize this spits in the face of what most “experts” teach.

But I want you to eliminate ALL behavior where you’re trying to win a girl over.

No stories about cool stuff you did, unless she asks.

No bragging about your money, car, job, heck… even your dog.

NOTHING where you’re even subtly trying to “brag”.

Why is this so damn important?

Well, the top 1% of men who are ridiculously attractive to women NEVER brag.

They don’t have anything to prove. So they let women find out about all the great stuff going on in their lives on their own. They make them WORK for it.

You see the difference?

When a woman senses you are one of these men, her interest piques. Her body starts getting hot for you, and she doesn’t even know why.

And look: even if you have to “trick her” into thinking you’re one of these guys, like I’m going to teach you… once she starts getting turned on, she can’t control herself.

SHE’LL be the one seducing YOU.

So, after you’ve got the “no bragging” rule down…

STEP TWO: Transfer Your Sexual State To Her

This involves an incredibly simple but deadly effective technique. It’s easier to demonstrate on video, so I put together this live demo for you:

[Don't Miss Dr. David's free video demonstration here]

Basically, it involves “transferring” your sexual attraction and horniness onto her.

It’s some seriously jedi stuff. But ANY guy can do it with extreme effectiveness, tonight.

You see, a Harvard Psychologist recently discovered that you can “transfer” emotions like horniness… desire… and even LOVE to a woman.

You simply have to feel the emotion you want to trigger in her, do a quick trick, and she’ll feel the emotion back. It’s like a mirror.

Here’s how to do it:

[Don't Miss Dr. David's free video demonstration here]

This works due to the powerful science of “emotional contagion”.

You can use it to make a woman feel happy, make her feel like she wants to see you again, make her feel a deep emotional bond with you… quite literally anything.

And to my knowledge, I’m the first person to use this new discovery to help men get women :)

But shucks man, I’ve gotta run.

Make sure you check out this short presentation. In it, I’ll show you my step-by-step system for turning a woman on… on command.

I spent years of research on this, and I’m damn proud of it:

[Don't Miss Dr. David's free video demonstration here]


David Tan, phD


Man displaying how to flirtHey, Bobby here.

You see hot girls everyday, buy it’s rare to find a girl who has the “complete package.”

You know what I’m talking about: those girls who are hot and sexy, but also have the kind of exciting and fun personality that makes you want to spend time with them (outside of the bedroom).

This is the type of girl that guys usually get infatuated with. They think a “complete package girl” is so rare and special that they will do almost ANYTHING to try and please her.

Once they get her interested, a lot of guys start stressing about how to keep her interested…and it ends up being no fun at all.

How would you like to know how to get a girl obsessed with you?

What are you going to do if you meet a girl like this TODAY?

This video tells you how to do it right from the beginning.

Confession: I have been one of those do-anything guys. A long time ago, before I started writing about dating, I met one particularly stunning girl.

She had this kind of exotic ethnic mix that made her totally hot in a way that was unlike any other girl I’d met before. But she also had a sharp sense of humor and a cool, easy-going personality that was just as much of a turn-on as her looks.

Lots of guys liked her – girls like that always have a kind of following.

I had just started working and she was still in school, so I could afford to take her out to nicer places than her college guy friends could.

This made me kinda confident for the first few weeks. It seemed like she was into me a little bit, and I got more attracted to her every time I saw her.

But it felt too casual to me, and I’d still see her hanging out with her other guy friends, some of who were very aggressive with their flirting.

Her casual attitude towards me and the stiff competition made me stressed out. I tried to buy more affection from her with all kinds of shit: gold earrings, an iPhone, expensive chocolate.

But it didn’t work – She still paid attention to me, but it was obvious that I liked her way more than she liked me.

Eventually, I started hearing excuses about why she couldn’t meet up with me, and she wouldn’t return my calls until days later, if at all.

She finally broke it off with me in a text message. The text said something about how we had just been “casual” but now she had found someone “serious” that she really connected with.

I spent the next week thinking about what I could have done differently…I thought of a hundred things. I know you’ve probably been there too, because most guys have.

The more you like a girl, the more crazy stuff you are willing to do (and to buy) to try and earn affection from her. What you are actually doing, though, is creating a dynamic that is never going to work out for you.

You are doing ALL the chasing and she has ALL the power to decide where the relationship goes (or doesn’t go).

Guys naturally want to force the issue by doing more and more stuff for a girl…but you have to break this habit.

You can’t change this dynamic unless you break with “tradition.”

This video has very specific ideas about how to do that. Watch it, then tune in for the next email, because I am going into more specifics about how to change this dynamic.

Do it right and not only will you get to make the decisions, she will actually be the one who is chasing you…you can just sit back and let it happen.

Look, I think this is important stuff to know.

When I look back at my past, I’m not worried about not sleeping with many girls in high school or college.

But I still do regret some of the obvious mistakes I made with those cool girls that I was really into.

That’s why I personally think its so important to understand how you can build lasting attraction with the kind of girl that you really want to spend time with.

So watch the video and learn what you need to do.

Make it happen!


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The #1 reason holding you back from approaching more women is NOT fear.

It’s NOT “approach anxiety”

It’s NOT lack of a great opening line.


The #1 thing preventing your from approaching women is one simple deadly phrase we say to ourselves…

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”


PROCRASTINATION is what’s really holding you back from approaching more women.

It’s easier for you to say “Next time I’ll approach her” . Then it is to deal with the momentary discomfort of breaking the
ice with a stranger… (Yes, that’s all it is momentary discomfort)

So if you’re not really that afraid to start a conversation with a woman… then why do you procrastinate?

Because its HARD. (Or I should say, because we imagine it will be difficult or uncomfortable)


We hate doing anything that is hard.

We hate going to the gym.

We hate taking tests.

We hate cleaning a messy room.

We hate doing hard things.

And since we imagine that approaching a woman we don’t really know will be hard we come up with a million reasons not to do it.

So the question becomes how do we overcome this?

And the answer is A LOT simpler than you think.

Here goes… Make it easier on yourself.


In fact, make it so easy on yourself that you can’t help but get results.

Here’s a video I created explaining exactly how to make so easy you you’ll be flooded with phone numbers.

Procrastination kills more dreams and desires than anything else in life…

If you let it get the best of you, you’ll wake up in 30 years regretting EVERYTHING.

Trust me, I used to be the king of “I’ll do it tomorrow”…

… And yea, don’t put off watching this video till tomorrow either :)

Watch it now  <– and break free of the chains of procrastination

Make it happen!


P.S.  In this video I explain the concept of “playing the game on the easy level” and that’s THE ONLY way you’ll actually get out
there and approach