Secrets Behind “3 Questions That Turn Her On…”

by Bobby Rio

Pandora’s Box 3 Questions That Turn Her On

3 Questions that Turn Her OnWarning:  This email contains some “deeper level” ideas.  This post was inspired after going through Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box program.

I am going to give you a “short cut” for reading a woman’s mind, and influencing her decisions.

And it all starts with:


When you understand someone’s “core values” you can pretty much predict the decisions they will make throughout their life.

You can also easily influence those decisions pretty quickly.

Let’s take ME for example…

Awhile back, through a process of narrowing down and eliminating, I discovered that my core value in life is “freedom.”

And without me having known it… unconsciously EVERY decision throughout my life has been influenced by that “core value.”

Values Determine Life Decisions

… I chose a career in writing because it allowed me the freedom to live where I choose

… I chose to study “pickup” because it allowed me the freedom of choice when it comes to who I date

… I chose all of my girlfriends based on how much perceived “freedom” they would allow me

My “core value” also dictates what turns me on…

…I’m turned on by random experiences and spontaneity

…I’m turned on by women who represent a feeling of ‘anything’s possible’

…I’m turned on by people that I see as having some power to move me closer towards freedom

Not only that, but based on my core value of “freedom” certain people, places, and things are IMMEDIATELY disqualified.

For instance, I would never seriously consider dating a girl who was controlling or who was in a rush to start a family.  I would never make a purchase that saddled me with dept.  And I wouldn’t take a job that didn’t give me the opportunity to move freely around the world…

But here is one MAJOR  MISTAKE made over the years…

I’ve assumed that everyone shares the same “core value” as me…

Which is why I could never understand it when my friend Sal married a girl who keeps him on a short leash.

I never understood how friends of mine do the daily 9-5 grind in an office job.

Nor have I understood how people I know don’t have a constant desire to educate themselves and understand the world better.

But now I understand it crystal clear:  Everyone has a different “core value.”

Everyone Has Different “Core Values”

The reason my friend Sal chose to marry his controlling girlfriend, work as a middle school math teacher, and purchase a house fifteen minutes away from the town he grew up in is because his core value is FAMILY.

I have another friend Daryl whose core value is ACHIEVEMENT.  Every life decision he makes somehow relates to his desire to achieve success.

…When you begin to recognize this about people it is like you are given a glimpse inside their brain, and now possess the ability to influence their decisions by appealing to their “core value.”

Having known this about “core values” for some time… I was immediately intrigued by the idea of Pandora’s Box Mind Reading System.

The premise of the program is women will respond to different types of “seduction” based on which personality type they are.

As I went through Pandora’s Box what I realized was that ultimately what the system teaches is how to quickly identify the “Core values” of the women you’re talking to.

You see, I can tell you my friends or my girlfriends “core value” because I’ve spent enough time with them to know a long history of past decisions they’ve made.

However, when you are first meeting a woman you don’t have all of this same information to use to identify her.

This is where Pandora’s Box comes into play.

Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box

Vin Dicarlo basically figured out that there are 3 MAIN conflicts of the female mind.  And understanding her position on these three conflicts will basically allow you to understand her “Core value” which in turn, allows you to ‘read her mind’ and turn her on.

Dicarlo actually expands upon this idea of “core value” by identifying different personality traits that each woman has based on her position on the “three conflicts of the female mind.”

Seems complex?

It really isn’t.

It is very similar to the self analysis I did awhile back to determine that my “core value” was freedom.  I basically used a process of elimination that allowed me to identify ‘freedom’ as my core value.

Vin never uses the word “core value.”  He instead refers to it as the Conflicts of the Female Mind.

He gives you a bunch of “innocent” questions you can ask to figure out her stance on these three conflicts of the human mind.

Pandora’s takes it a step further though.

What he does then is he identifies all of the common character and personality traits of women who share the same “core position” on these three conflicts of the female mind.

…And then he gives you a Strategy Guide for seducing each type.

==> This video explains more about Pandora’s Box


If you don’t think its possible than you obliviously don’t understand the power our ‘core values’ have over us and the decisions we make, and what ultimately ‘turns us on.’

Here are some of the other things you’ll learn in Pandora’s Box:

  1. Mind-Read her type (This takes 60 seconds)
  2. Remember 3 things about her (Never more than 3 things. Often less!)
  3. Use a sniper-targeted strategy (Not a “shotgun” method that doesn’t work)
  4. A complete Strategy Guide for each of the 8 “types”

Pandora’s Box is broken down into 12 PDFs and 11 videos.  This way Vin takes the time in each video to explain this idea of “the 3 conflicts of the female mind.”

But then dedicates an entire PDF and series of videos to walking you through a strategy guide for seducing each type once you’ve identified them.

Here is the thing about Pandora’s Box…

I LOVE psychology.  I LOVE understanding why people act the way they do.  I LOVE being able to connect with a woman on a deeper level…

So for me…  this program was like CRACK.

This program is not everyone.  You need to have that same love of psychology and desire to understand the way women think….

But if you put the time in to learn this…

Not only will it help you seduce more women throughout your life… It will help you have better relationships with girlfriends or wives.

Watch this video which explains Pandora’s Box much better than I possible can in this email.


Dillion February 17, 2011 at 11:18 pm

How do you know those are the three questions? Did you buy the system Larpas?

Stan February 19, 2011 at 4:06 am

Actually, reading your page here was very interesting, and I really enjoy all of this. However, I also really want to know the three questions, what are they?

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