How to Get a Girl “Obsessed” with You

by Bobby Rio

How to Keep a Girl Interested in You

It’s about time I address this in an article..

(This is an email you’re going to want to save for future use)

Every day I get dozens of emails from guys around the world wondering why some girl suddenly lost interest in them.
Once I get the details out of them it becomes crystal clear.

They gave their hand away way too soon.

Have you ever had a girl who was once hot for you get cold and distant within a couple weeks? If I had to guess why, I would say that you got too comfortable too quickly, and stopped PLAYING THE GAME.

I know I know.. we all hate ‘the game.’

But you have to play it.


Because women love going after a guy who is a challenge.

They love it.

They love not knowing what the deal is. Sure, they say they hate it. But they will keep chasing that feeling.

And when you don’t give them “the chase” they usually find another guy who isn’t so hard to figure out.

So how to do you stay a challenge?

For some of us its easy… If you’ve got a reputation around your social circle as a “player”, or are seen as having really high status by the girl, you don’t have the play ‘the game’ as hard.


Trust me, I made that mistake. Sometimes I’ve even made the mistake of thinking I have to show a girl MORE interest because she thinks I’m a player and I need to prove I’m not.

Big Mistake.

The whole reason the girl liked you in the first place was because of your ‘player like’ qualities. Don’t hide them, and don’t give in to the temptation to ‘drop the games.’

Here are the three biggest signs you are about to FUCK UP.

1. You start thinking “I don’t want to play games with this chick. I like her. Why can’t I just let her know.”

2. You think “This girl is different, I don’t have to play games with her.”

3. You think “She definitely likes me. We’re past the point I need to play games.”

The minute any of those thoughts creep into your mind, re-read this email. And DO NOT convince yourself that she is different.


She wants to chase you. She wants a challenge. She wants a guy she can not completely figure out.

How to be a challege

A lot guys think that when I say you can’t express interest this means you can’t let a girl know you are attracted to her.


You HAVE to let her know you are attracted to her. To do this you need to know how to talk to women.

Express your sexual intent and attraction all you want.

That is perfectly fine.

But, do no let her know you want more than that. (for at least the first 3 or 4 months)


You have to be stone cold impossible to read.

Every time she leaves you she should be wondering if she will ever see you again. She should be wondering how much you like her. She should be wondering if you’re seeing other girls.

Let her wonder.

That is the art of the chase. The more time she sits around wondering what you’re doing… the more she begins to convince herself she is in love with you.

As David D once said “Give her the gift of missing you.”

The second part of keeping the attraction going is being able to continually flip her attraction switches during your time hanging out with her.

I created an entire course on “Flipping her Attraction Switches

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