Does “Eye Contact” Mean She Likes You

by Bobby Rio

If She Looks Looks at You… Does She Like You?

Wanted to address something real quick.

And you might not like it.

But it must be said.

Cuz everyday I get emails that go something like this:

“There is this girl in my Math class {serving me coffee at Starbucks, that I pass in the hall, that I see around around campus, or that I work with…}

“And we make eye contact… And I’m pretty sure that she likes me.
How should I ask her out?”

I hate to break it to you…


Eye contact does not equal attraction.

At best it equals interest.

And if you don’t turn that interest into attraction…

…You got NOTHING.

Guys think you can skip over the attraction phase… but unless you
look like Brad Pitt…

You can’t.

So what do you do?

Before you decide to go for hernumber, confess your feelings to
her, or ask her on a date…

Create a spark of ATTRACTION by FLIRTING with her…

How do you do that?

The best and easiest way to flirt with a girl is to tease her about

…So that girl in class

Jokingly call her a “teacher’s pet” if she raises her hand too much…

…Or a brown noser when she gets the answer right….

That girl walking hurridley past you in the halls…

Tell her that she walks around like she’s on a top secret misson…

That girl serving you your coffee…

Next time you go to pay for your Latte as she reaches for you money… pull it away…

Then go to hand it to her again… when she reaches for it… pull it away again before giving it to her…

That’s creating a little tension…

A little flirtation.

When you “tease” a woman… she knows the deal.. she knows you’re flirting…

(…as long as you’re doin it right.)

And flirting is the first step toward creating attraction…

Once you created a spark of attraction,then you can go for the phone number,or see if she wants to hang out

But you CAN’T SKIP that part.

You have trouble doin this?

Don’t know what to tease a girl about?

Don’t worry.

I got something for you.

And its free.

It’s called the Teasing and Banter
cheat Sheet.

There’s lines it in that you can use in a dozen differnet situations.

And they work.

Grab it here.

And stop worrying ‘is she looking at me’ and just make it happen.


P.S. If you want a complete education on sparking attraction in a girl, through the use of 5 tools that ALWAYS help create attraction…

Check out Amplify the Attraction

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