How to Text a Girl You Like

by Bobby Rio

What to Text a Girl

Girl taking a cell phone picture of herself holding her phone and looking at a text a mesage.Let’s talk about texting girls.  Because, let’s face it, it is a skill you MUST master.  This is 2002 anymore.  You can’t get by without knowing how to spark a woman’s interest, capture her attention, and turn that attention into a meetup- using just a few text messages.

There are three major mistakes most guys make when sending a woman an SMS message

1.  The first message they send doesn’t stand out or introduce any element of their personality.  Here is a fact, a woman is LOOKING to disqualify you based on that first text you send a girl.  Its easier for her to put her phone away, and NOT message you back.  So if you send her a boring, average text that doesn’t engage or excite her- you’re toast.

Most guys send a first texts like “Hey” or “What’s up” or “Nice meeting you cutie”

Let me explain the huge mistake that these texts make; they force HER to come up with a good response to keep the conversation going.  She’s too lazy.  And the harder you make it for her the less likely she’ll be to respond.

The first text you send a woman has ONE JOB.  Put a smile on her face.  That’s it.  Get her smiling, and feeling good.  Here’s some examples of what to text a girl.

You can accomplish this by sending her a funny or flirty remark about the last time you saw her.  You can make a funny guess as to what she’s currently doing. There are wide variety of texts that you can send to accomplish this goal.  But you MUST make her smile.

2.  The second mistake that guys make is trying to start a “text conversation” with her.  Texting is not meant for long ‘get to know you’ type conversations.  And its ANNOYING when someone keeps messaging you back with more questions forcing you to continue to type responses.

The cell phone is only meant for a condensed, cooler version of real conversation. You can skip the small talk. You can skip the questions.  You can skip the formalities.  And instead jump right into the fun part.  Because if you try to start a text conversation the same way you would a normal in-person conversation you’re not going to get very far.  More than likely after the first “What are you up to?” she will lose interest- and her attention will go back to whatever she was up to before she reached into her purse and pulled out her cell phone.

Here is a four step structure for how to text a girl:

3. The third mistake asking for the date too soon or too late.  There is actually an art to how to ask a girl out over text message.  And most guys miss the mark completely.  Most guys either go straight for date without re-sparking any of the good feelings she felt when you last saw her. Or they re-spark the feelings, but are afraid to pull the trigger and ask her to hang out.

This is why we always recommend that your first text put a smile on a girl’s face.  This ensures that she is now paying attention to the next couple messages you send. And puts her in a much better frame of mind to go for the meetup.

So how do you ask a girl out over text?

I suggest watching this video that Rob Judge and I created about how to ask a girl out over text message.

These are some tips for how to text a girl.  However, its not just knowing what not to write a girl.  You’ve also have to learn how to craft short ‘punchy’ messages that keep her attention.  You have to know how to cram bits and pieces of your personality into the messages so that she remembers who you are, and why she was attracted to you in the first place.  And you also have to know how to blur the line between getting sexual over text and being creepy or perverted.

Let’s face it. There really is an “art” to texting.  And if you want to learn the craft then I recommend you watch the Magnetic Messaging Video.  The video reveals Rob Judge’s “Key Lock Sequence” for turning phone numbers into dates.

I hope you found these tips on how to text a girl helpful. And going further, definitely try to avoid the common mistakes you might be making with your cell phone.

Here’s another article on how to text a girl.

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Jesus Renteria June 30, 2012 at 3:00 pm


Phill November 27, 2012 at 3:23 pm

This suff really works I just asked a girl out on a second date and she said yes just a few months ago she blew me off and wouldn’t resspond to my texts!!

Nikola December 8, 2012 at 5:29 pm

This guy rocks! I’m gonna buy Magnetic Messaging because the tips you and Rob give here and on TSB are top-notch. Thanks so much gusy!

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