use THIS psychology on a girl you want

by Bobby Rio

Me and my buddy Dr. David Tan love to talk about the “psychology” of attracting and seducing women.

He harps on a principle called “effort justification”.

It’s the psychological law that states “the more effort we put into something, the more we want it.”

This law is the reason why us men go CRAZY over women who are “hard to get”.

Because winning her over demands a LOT of effort.

But here’s the thing:

The rule goes both ways.

When a woman senses you are putting effort in to “win her over”, 99% of the time she quickly loses interest.

It’s the catch 22.

Her dream man is a guy who SHE has to work for.

[Here’s How To Manipulate This “Law” To Get In Her Pants]

Look, I’m not saying it’s impossible to “win a girl over” by putting in a bunch of effort…

Buying her stuff… taking her on expensive dates… complimenting her… using “attraction techniques” that scream “THIS GUY IS A TRY HARD”.

She’s just probably not going to fall in love with you, or get obsessed with you. You’ll be “just another guy” who she sleeps with. And if you’re lucky (or she’s really desperate) she’ll let you date her for a few months.

And do you really want a girl that only “kind of” digs you?

I don’t.

The only way to get her CRAZY about you, is you can make HER work for YOU.

And here’s the cool part that Dr. David ALWAYS mentions when we talk…

It doesn’t matter if you’re 350 pound slob who lives with mom and dad…

If you know how to compel HER to put in effort to win YOU over, she’s going to “justify” it to herself. She’ll tell herself, “wow, I’m putting all this effort in, I must really be into this guy.”

This works because of the psychological law of “effort justification”.

Women backwards rationalize. When they work for something, they automatically convince themselves they want it.

And Dr. David Tan figured out how any guy can use this to get a girl he wants:

[check it out]

Imagine that…

The girl you’ve been thinking about, almost magically begins to put in all the effort to win your affection… and get in your pants.

While you sit back, relax and enjoy the fun.

Well, that’s now possible with a simple, step-by-step system Dr. David created that gets HER chasing YOU…

You can see a live demonstration of it in action here

But hurry, David told me this presentation is only going out to a limited number of guys.

When it reaches it’s “cap”, it’s gone for good.

Alright man, I’m out.

Make it happen!


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