Conversations That “Pop”

How to talk to girls in a way that attracts them.

Hey- It’s Bobby…

I used to think that appearing “cool” was enough to get a woman interested.

I thought that if I wore the right clothes, hung out with the right crowd, and pretended hard enough “not to be interested” in her…. She would magically become interested in me.

And here is the kicker….

It WORKED.  She usually became interested.

Yes, I could tell that my “act” opened up a window of opportunity for me to make my move.

But that window ALWAYS closed very quickly.

And I rarely got the girl…

I think a lot of you unconsciously fall into this same trap.

You believe that you can “trick” a woman into falling for you.

But you can’t.

You CAN trick her into becoming interested in you… but if you can’t back up that “cool guy” persona with the ability to talk to her in  a way that attracts and excites her….

You will ALWAYS lose out to the guy who can.

I experienced this firsthand many times…

I can remember one time in particular.  I was at one of my friend’s girlfriend’s sorority house.  She was throwing a small party.  I looked around and felt good… because by my estimation I was the “coolest” guy there.

So I did what I did best back then… I acted like the “cool, mysterious guy” who was a little too pre-occupied with himself to bother overly socializing with the girls at the party.

And sure enough…I was standing in the corner talking to one of my friends… and this short, punkish, but incredibly cute girl comes walking right up to me, sort of stands on her tippy toes, and leans in and kisses me on the lips.  She then proceeds to tell me how she was watching me from across the room and she thought I was adorable.

My friend casually slips away, giving me the big thumbs up.  But the minute I was alone in the corner with her… my mind went blank.  It was like a struggle to get even the most ordinary conversation to come out of my mouth.

She asked me a few questions… and I sort of mumbled and grunted my answers… trying to quickly gather up something that would capture her interest…

Finally, I blurt out my clever line: “So what’s your major?”…

The girl had just walked over, completely unprovoked, and kissed me on the lips, tells me I’m adorable… and the only thing I can think to say is “what’s your major?”

Well, after a few more minutes of small talk mixed with uncomfortable pauses, and me ‘stuck in my head’, sipping my beer religiously, trying to divert the attention away from the fact that I was desperately searching for what to say next…

She tells me she has to use the bathroom.

She didn’t come back.

I don’t think I have to explain to you how painful it is to lose a girl who is practically throwing herself at you…

But this was my reality for a very long time.

What I learned the hard way was that you can have alpha body language, a cutting edge sense of fashion, an army of social proof…

But if you can’t talk…

You ALWAYS lose to the guy who can…


So how do you overcome this?


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