Guru Black Book Preview & Bonus

My Guru Black Book Bonus

Unless you live under a rock you have no doubt been flooded with emails about The Guru Black Book program for overcoming any sticking point, with the help of the best dating coaches and pick up artists in the world.

Make sure you read all the way to bottom, because I have a special bonus for you if you decide to purchase this proga.

I was asked to be a part of The Guru Black Book and couldn’t be happier to contribute.  At first I didn’t understand exactly what its creators, Bill Preston and Brad Jackson had in mind with the program.

I was one of the first “gurus” to be interviewed and I was asked about 15 questions, and told to give my #1 tip for overcoming the challenge or obstacle discussed.  I made sure to give my very best answer to each question.

A few days later, when Brad Jackson sent me the Guru Black Book Preview Video I realized just how powerful this is going to be.

I realized that not only would students be getting my very best answered for each of the common sticking points and problems, but they would be getting the very best answers by 28 of the top guys in the field.  With that much knowledge and field tested advice, it would be nearly impossible not to solve your problem.

My Guru Black Book BONUS

Since I was a part of the Guru Black Book and feel so strongly about its ability to help you solve your sticking points, I set up a special link with Brad that will allow me to offer a further BONUS for purchasing.  I also get a small commission if you decide to purchase through that link 🙂

If you purchase through this special link right here: MUST USE THIS LINK and then email me your reciept to bobby (at)  I am going include my brand new program  “Amplify the Attraction”


Amplify the Attraction is my brand new video program that shows you how to create even more intense attraction in a woman and concentrates on how to keep growing that attraction so that you never loses interest, gets bored, or flakes out.

And you can have this program completely free when you purchase The Guru Black Book through this link right here.

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