“How do I apply the three basic elements of humor: exaggeration, repetition, and mis-interpretation”

by Bobby Rio

Hey Bobby,

I have a question regarding implementing humor in replying to girls’ answers or reactions.

In your session on “Fun” in Conversation Escalation to use the three basic elements of humor: exaggeration, repetition, and mis-interpretation.

I understand the concept but I am having a difficult time implementing it. IE – turning a dull or generic reply into something funny.

I realized that most girls will give generic answers when they talk about their personalities or what their hobbies are.

It’s really difficult for me to turn those rather dull responses into something humourous.

For example, I recently said to a girl, “oh I am surprised to see you with a dog, because you totally look like a cat person”.

I was expecting her to ask me why I’d think that way, but instead, she simply said “oh, I used to have a cat, but I gave it away because my mom didn’t like it. She’s a dog person.”

Then I was stuck.

How can I use any of the three elements, exaggeration, mis-interpretation, repetition, to create a humorous reply based on this type of generic response?

I am sure if Brad P himself was there, he would’ve been able to come up with some really humorous and creative replies to the girl’s answer. But it’s really difficult for me at this stage, and I REALLY want to improve on implementing humor in my game.

Is there anything I can read that will shine some light on issue?

Appreciate your help again.

Thanks Bobby.


Hey K.

I’m glad to see you’re out there practicing and working on the areas you need to improve…

Let me see if I can shed some light on this issue of using Brad P’s style of humor.

I’m going to give you an example of how you could have handled that situation. Using first absurdity, and then repeating the joke in various ways.

Before, I give you the example, what I also want you to understand… the humor doesn’t need to by funny, it just needs to be FUN. So never feel like you’ve got to come up with something groundbreaking.

And to get good at this, you need to begin practicing it a lot. Force you self to think in this way.

The Example

You: I’m surprised to see you with a dog, because you’re totally like a cat person

Her: Oh, I used to have a cat, but my mom gave it away because she didn’t like it She’s a dog person.

You: How could she give your cat away. We need to totally go to one of those cat shelters and adopt you the biggest baddest, FATTEST cat there. A big plump lazy orange cat… Do remember Gargamel from the Smurfs? What was his cat’s name. Azrael… Yea, were going get you a cat and were’ going to call her Azrael… and she can just sit on your lap and you can pet it all day… Come to think of it.. why do all the villains in cartoons have cats… remember inspector gadget… and Dr. Claw. The creepy guy who sat there petting his cat all day… I’m beginning to think cat people are evil… I think we should stop talking now (playfully turn to walk away)


So now, you’ve established her as the villainous cat lady.

So later on in the conversation, you can throw in villainous cat lady jokes… Like you can imitate her petting her cat laughing a really evil laugh…

So what you basically did was create an absurd story about her getting a creepy orange cat, and then you repeat the joke in different ways throughout the night. You’ve assigned her the “role” of villainous cat lady. You don’t want to go overkill on the joke… but at various points when the situation calls for it, you can use a “cat lady” reference.

Like if you’re introducing her to one of your friends you could say, “This is Amanda… she’s a little evil.. just a little though. She has a big orange cat named Azrael.. I think she had a crush on Gargamel when she was younger or something, but she’s cool.”

I used references to cartoons from the 80s. But you can replace the Gargamel reference to something a girl in your age range would get….

Does that make sense?

The ability to be “FUN” in a conversation is extremely important. You don’t need to be the funniest guy in the world. But you want to keep a constant “smile” on her face.

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Roger S July 9, 2010 at 9:26 am

Or how about ‘A dog person? Your mom’s a dog person? Like… a werewolf? Are YOU a werewolf? How often does this happen? Tonight? Should I be scared?’
You’ve also the chance to naughtify the conversation, by moving on to vampires, and all that kissing and nibbling of long slender necks

Brandon July 9, 2010 at 9:34 am

Nice article Bobby. I also think breaking rapport can be done in a humorous, playful way that can get a girl laughing. For example this happened to me a week or so ago:

Girl: “Oh I’m not lady-like at all”

Me: “Believe me it shows” [with a playful smile]


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