My Thoughts on Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box System

by Bobby Rio

My Pandora’s Box Review Video

This was my video review of Pandora’s Box. You can purchase it at the link below.

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More on Pandora’s Box System

I can admit when i’m wrong.

For many years, I’ve held the idea that basically all women are fundamentally the same, and that you can go about attracting them with the same tactics and techniques.

But my view point changed after reviewing Vin Dicarlo’s course “Pandora’s Box”

You see most women DO succumb to the same attraction “triggers” that are known to get a girls wet in the panties for you….

However I learned a valuable lesson from Pandora’s Box….

Most women will REACT completely differently when they begin feeling the attraction. And this is where you might be blowing it… when seconds ago she seemed totally hot for you…

Yes, its true. While most women are attracted to the same “triggers,” how you proceed after sparking the initial attraction varies among all of the different 8 personality types that Vin lays out in Pandora’s Box

Maybe you’ve experienced it. You had a great time with a woman… she seemed to totally like you. But now, over text message she seems to be quickly slipping through your fingers…

I remember a couple years back after years of frustration, I finally hooked up with one of my close female friends, Denise.

For a week I was in a complete state of BLISS… but less that a week later… not only was I no longer hooking up with her.. but I also lost her as a friend.

When I tell you that I replayed the events in my mind over and over and over again…that would be an understatement. I literally analyzed the situation from every possible view point.

Except one.

After going through Pandora’s Box, I’ve come to realize that I was pursuing Denise in the exact OPPOSITE way she responds to attraction.


Denise was what Vin refers to as a “Hopeless Romantic” personality and the entire time I was purusing her in the same standard way

I pursued most girls at the time.

In fact, as I read Vin’s description of how to seduce a “Hopeless Romantic” my jaw dropped, as he was describing Denise to a tee… and there was no doubt in my mind that Denise would have responded to the exact strategy that Pandora’s Box lays out for girls of her personality type.

When you download Pandora’s Box system, you’ll get one of the only ONLY guides for creating specific strategies based on a woman’s unique personality type. (Vin has identified 8 common ‘types’)

In addition, you’ll recieve a quiz you can use to identify her ‘type’ quickly (its more accurate that you could imagine) and easy to memorize so you can mentally go through it in minutes at a bar or club…

Next, you’ll get two free weeks of his PHD program where he gives in depth video analysis of each type, interview real live women, who fit the ‘type’ plus advanced strategy guides for seducing them.

Finally, you’ll get “Speed Mindreading” a free bonus that teaches you how quickly extract all the necessary information to get inside her head, and figure out her deepest core desires.

Overall, I think Pandora’s Box is an incredible program that will give you the tools to connect with women more powerfully, know how to proceed after sparking the attaction, and literally talk for hours with a girl without ever running out of things to say…

I recommend that you go to hi site right now and download it.


I hope you found this helpful, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on Pandora’s Box

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David Ngaha June 7, 2012 at 7:29 pm

Hi I am already a member i cannot get into my members page i have logged in with my password i was given but doesnt accept it i also requested a new one but it says my mail function is disabled and cant send it to my email address

james November 24, 2012 at 1:33 am


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