How to Beat Girls At Their Own Game

by Bobby Rio


How to Flip the “Switch” On Women

Let’s face it…

Girls play ‘games’ with guys.

If you ever had a girl seem completely

into you… and then go cold… you got played.

The game girls play is ‘how much attention can I get this guy to give me.’

It’s like a drug for some chicks…

They love the fact they can get some guyto stand around ‘entertaining’ them for2 hours… and just when he thinks he’s gonna ‘get some’… they bolt… and never never return his phone calls.

This doesn’t make them evil bitches like some guys like to refer to them as 🙂

But it is reality.  And you’ve got to be aware that it exists.

And if you want to actually meet girls that are going to answer your calls, meet you for drinks, and go back to your place for.. additional fun :)…  then you’ve got to quickly differentiate yourself from the dozens of other “fans” of hers.

I call these guys “fans” because they act like she’s the celebrity and they’ve got to do everything they can to make sure she doesn’t get bored and leave….

But, let me ask you something… do celebrities ever really want to hang out with their fans?  Sure, the admiration is probably fun for a bit… but then they want to get back to their ‘real’ friends who treat them like human beings… and don’t worship their every move…

Women are the same way… once they sense your ‘admiration’ a switch goes off- and they’re interest MASSIVELY dwindles.

So how do you not only keep their interest… but reverse their ‘game’ on them?  And grip their attention to the point they can’t stop thinking about you?

There are two main things you need to do:

1.  Concentrate on showing YOURSELF the best possible time… Stop worrying about ‘entertaining her’ and do whatever it takes for you to completely enjoy cracking yourself up…

Doing this, quickly wakes a girl up to the fact that you’re not her ‘fan’ and aren’t dead set on entertaining her and keeping her around..

2.  Get her to invest into the conversation… You see, the reason it’s so easy for most women to ditch a guy is because she put absolutely no work into talking to him…

However, when you get her opening up and telling you things about herself- and you’re making judgements about her…  her ego is much more on the line…

Hot girls know guys will never turn them down because of her ‘looks’ but they are all a bit insecure that when a guy gets to know them she won’t be able to keep his interest..

Deep down inside, women have the same old insecurities and fears as guys do…  and part of the reason they love the “attention game”is because it relieves some their anxiety that they’re not as great as they think…  As long as they have fans out there… they Must be desirable…

But once you flip that switch in her mind…

you can ignite her desire to chase you… and keep chasing you…

For now, I just want to you to be aware that a ‘switch’ exists… in future emails i’m going to show you how to flip that switch…over and over and over….

Have fun with this!

Bobby Rio

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nick June 26, 2011 at 11:57 am

good advice

jay March 6, 2012 at 7:38 am

Thanks man.. for all your efforts making life wonderful for guys.

Concentrate on showing YOURSELF the best possible time… Stop worrying about ’entertaining her’ and do whatever it takes for you to completely enjoy cracking yourself up…”

….Yeah you got to show your best side most of the time, if not always but sometimes you just loose your cool.

One of the tricks girls employ to test a guy is to begin talking to some other guy while you are watching her that time its very difficult for most of the guys to play it cool,it shows on your face and ones they notice it is having an impact on you they would play more viciously…I had a similar situation a few weeks ago ..and it was really difficult for me..I believe the only thing you can do is not to have any strong feelings for a girl for the first few months ..just keep it as a time kill ,then if you feel she is a good girl then proceed ,many of the bitches especially the younger ones (18 to 25 bracket) are not ready for serious the inexperienced have to keep it mind.

g96 December 17, 2013 at 3:16 am

Ive been in a relatiinnship with a woman for 6months .we used to live together as i have one daughter and she has two children.however i caught her cheating with a ex during our relationship and she begged ne for another chance as i am stupid i gave her that chance and cartied the relatuinship on until she moved out and got her oen place.she i is completely cold doesnt let me go to her place and doesnt come to mine unless its for tattios and even then she doesnt come alone.she avoids any intimacy with me and is just hard. I think im being played.please help me to defeat her at her own game or advise me hiw to walk away because i cant

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