Sexualizing Your Conversations

by Bobby Rio

So, first off, I’ve got a brand new podcast available on Itunes called “A Lifetime of Girl Getting Secrets.” In this podcast I’m going to share some of the biggest insights I’ve learned over the years about women.

You can subscribe to the podcast here: (subscribe to the podcast on Itunes)

Episode 2: Sexualizing Your Conversations

In this episode of the Lifetime of Girl Getting Secrets podcast I’m interviewed by Wing Girl Marni. It was a very fun interview where we discussed all aspects of moving a conversation from “friendly” to “Flirty”. And we talk about the necessity to break rapport and some point and turn the conversation sexual.

  • Why you must break rapport (and be willing to offend her)
  • Why displaying ‘boyfriend’ traits will kill your game
  • Ways to move out of “PG” conversation
  • How to snap her out of her “boredom trance”
  • How to flirt with her the right way
  • And much more..

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