How to Handle the Boyfriend Excuse

by Bobby Rio

Ok so I here’s another episode of my brand new podcast “A Lifetime of Girl Getting Secrets.” In this podcast I’m going to talk specifically about one of the biggest questions I get from men. And its more than likely something you’ll experience during a night out .

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Episode 3: When She Says “I have a boyfriend”

In this episode of Girl Getting Secrets I’m going to walk you through the “boyfriend excuse” and show you exactly how to handle it so that you’re not left there feeling like a chump.

  • The three reasons why a girl will say “I have a boyfriend”
  • When to walk away from a girl, and when to know she’s really attracted to you
  • How to handle all three situations in which she’ll bring up a boyfriend
  • Lines to counteract it
  • and much more

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Minwoo Yoo April 1, 2013 at 10:10 am

It’s cool haha. Teach more hehe

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