the chains of procrastination (and how its killing your mojo)

by Bobby Rio


The #1 reason holding you back from approaching more women is NOT fear.

It's NOT "approach anxiety"

It's NOT lack of a great opening line.


The #1 thing preventing your from approaching women is one simple deadly phrase we say to ourselves…

"I'll do it tomorrow."


PROCRASTINATION is what's really holding you back from approaching more women.

It's easier for you to say "Next time I'll approach her" . Then it is to deal with the momentary discomfort of breaking the
ice with a stranger… (Yes, that's all it is momentary discomfort)

So if you're not really that afraid to start a conversation with a woman… then why do you procrastinate?

Because its HARD. (Or I should say, because we imagine it will be difficult or uncomfortable)


We hate doing anything that is hard.

We hate going to the gym.

We hate taking tests.

We hate cleaning a messy room.

We hate doing hard things.

And since we imagine that approaching a woman we don't really know will be hard we come up with a million reasons not to do it.

So the question becomes how do we overcome this?

And the answer is A LOT simpler than you think.

Here goes… Make it easier on yourself.


In fact, make it so easy on yourself that you can't help but get results.

Here’s a video I created explaining exactly how to make so easy you you’ll be flooded with phone numbers.

Procrastination kills more dreams and desires than anything else in life…

If you let it get the best of you, you’ll wake up in 30 years regretting EVERYTHING.

Trust me, I used to be the king of “I’ll do it tomorrow”…

… And yea, don’t put off watching this video till tomorrow either 🙂

Watch it now <– and break free of the chains of procrastination

Make it happen!


P.S. In this video I explain the concept of “playing the game on the easy level” and that’s THE ONLY way you’ll actually get out
there and approach

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