Dr David Tan: On Why Girl’s Reject You

by Bobby Rio

The Desire System, and Guest Article by Dr. David Tan.

Hey man,

My friend Dr. David wrote a guest article for you today, where he’ll reveal the #1 mistake that’s preventing you from getting laid.

Trust me… you’re probably doing it. And it’s most likely cost you AT LEAST one girl before. So let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again, OK?

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Enter Dr. David…


If you’re reading this, you’re probably not happy with your sex life.

I mean, maybe it’s not AWFUL, but…

You’re either not getting laid as much as you’d like, or you’re not getting laid by the kinds of girls you’re REALLY attracted to.

Do you know why that is?

Well, if you’ve read any sort of men’s dating advice, chances are you’ve been lied to over and over again.

These so-called “gurus” try and make you believe you need to work on your “attraction game” or come up with better “pick up lines”.

Sure, you can focus on that stuff if you want. And MAYBE your skills with women will improve, little-by-little.

But here’s the TRUTH of the matter…

If a woman doesn’t want to sleep with you, the reason is simple:

It’s because you aren’t turning her on.

That’s it.

She just isn’t horny around you.

If she’s not turned on, NOTHING you say will make a difference. She just won’t be interested.

However, if you know how to turn a woman on (and it’s MUCH easier than you think)…

It doesn’t matter what you do. NOTHING you say will make a difference. She’s already yours.

All you have to do is not screw up epically.

So, what works to turn a woman on?

Well, first let’s talk about what DOESN’T:

Good looks, being fit, being rich…

What??? Dr. David, you’re joking right?

OK sure, that stuff can help if you know what you’re doing. But 90% of the time, it actually turns a woman off.

Here’s why:

It leads to the single most unattractive, repulsive behavior you can do to a woman:


It doesn’t matter if you’re outright bragging to her about your car…

Or if you’re subtly hinting at the fact you have dated beautiful woman in the past.

She’ll pick up on it, and it will turn her off.

You see, when you brag to a woman, she instantly senses that you’re trying to “prove yourself” to her.

And a woman’s “dream man” (and “dream lay”) is a man with NOTHING to prove.

In fact, it’s a man who SHE has to prove HERSELF to.

Which means, if you cut out all “prove yourself” behavior around woman…

And replace it with behavior that compels HER to “prove herself” to YOU…

You’re already 90% of the way there.

And man, I struggled with this for years. Even when I wasn’t overtly bragging to a woman, I was trying to subtly “win her over” using lame pickup lines and techniques.

She can smell that crap a mile away. Unless she’s truly desperate, you’re toast.

So, what REALLY turns her on?

Well, maybe I’ll write another guest post soon outlining the best ways to turn a woman on very soon 🙂

But in the meantime, here’s a simple formula:

STEP ONE: Eliminate All Behavior Where You’re Trying To “Prove Yourself”

Seriously… I realize this spits in the face of what most “experts” teach.

But I want you to eliminate ALL behavior where you’re trying to win a girl over.

No stories about cool stuff you did, unless she asks.

No bragging about your money, car, job, heck… even your dog.

NOTHING where you’re even subtly trying to “brag”.

Why is this so damn important?

Well, the top 1% of men who are ridiculously attractive to women NEVER brag.

They don’t have anything to prove. So they let women find out about all the great stuff going on in their lives on their own. They make them WORK for it.

You see the difference?

When a woman senses you are one of these men, her interest piques. Her body starts getting hot for you, and she doesn’t even know why.

And look: even if you have to “trick her” into thinking you’re one of these guys, like I’m going to teach you… once she starts getting turned on, she can’t control herself.

SHE’LL be the one seducing YOU.

So, after you’ve got the “no bragging” rule down…

STEP TWO: Transfer Your Sexual State To Her

This involves an incredibly simple but deadly effective technique. It’s easier to demonstrate on video, so I put together this live demo for you:

[Don’t Miss Dr. David’s free video demonstration here]

Basically, it involves “transferring” your sexual attraction and horniness onto her.

It’s some seriously jedi stuff. But ANY guy can do it with extreme effectiveness, tonight.

You see, a Harvard Psychologist recently discovered that you can “transfer” emotions like horniness… desire… and even LOVE to a woman.

You simply have to feel the emotion you want to trigger in her, do a quick trick, and she’ll feel the emotion back. It’s like a mirror.

Here’s how to do it:

[Don’t Miss Dr. David’s free video demonstration here]

This works due to the powerful science of “emotional contagion”.

You can use it to make a woman feel happy, make her feel like she wants to see you again, make her feel a deep emotional bond with you… quite literally anything.

And to my knowledge, I’m the first person to use this new discovery to help men get women 🙂

But shucks man, I’ve gotta run.

Make sure you check out this short presentation. In it, I’ll show you my step-by-step system for turning a woman on… on command.

I spent years of research on this, and I’m damn proud of it:

[Don’t Miss Dr. David’s free video demonstration here]


David Tan, phD

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Big K October 7, 2013 at 4:23 pm

Love to try it just can’t afford it but I need it..

vusi October 11, 2013 at 8:48 am

how does the desire system work

Nero Papi October 20, 2013 at 8:25 pm


Isandy November 10, 2013 at 8:39 am

Is true, now I realize I have made this ocasionally sometimes (the thing about transmitting your emotions) and in the girls that I used it (I don’t know exactly how) they’re so in to me, that they were the ones making moves and giving me hints about how much interest they have in me. I wish to know how to do this one trick!!

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