The #1 Trick To Sexual FLIRTING (my choice)

by Bobby Rio

16987934_mlSo today, I introduce you to my good friend and Dating Coach Jason Capital.

He’s a guy I’ve hung out with recently in New York and Las Vegas…

And I was pretty impressed with his style so I asked him to write a guest newsletter for my subscribers. –

This is a very indepth newsletter, filled with solid examples, step by step instructions… and no fluff.


( I also have an interviewed planned for later in the week)

Jason just released his newest book called”77 Ways To Make Her Want To F*ck You”, and I’ll be straight:

It’s pretty ridiculously awesome.

Check it out here – I HIGHLY recommend it.

The book is filled with 77 different ways to make any girl want to f*ck you (whole book is 150+ pages).

He calls it the “street smart seducer’s bible”.

(BTW, it is only available for a short time this week, and then it’s only available in stores offline, if you can find it.)

Some of the “77 Ways” are word-for-word, others are more strategic, some are games that do the work for you and some are downright crazy…

But they’re all based on HIS OWN and his client’s experiences.

Translation: They’ve all been TESTED and PROVEN to work, to make the girl you want feel the intense desire to f*ck you sooner rather than later.

Anyways, I got him to share one of “The 77 Ways” free with my most-dedicated guys, so check it out below from Jason and I’ll see
you in a couple days with more, as I scored an exclusive interview for us with the infamous Capital 🙂

His article is below…

Enjoy man.

-Bobby R.


Method #28: Make It Her Fault!

By Jason Capital, “77 Ways To Make Her Want To F*ck You”

Framing, and frame control, really is the coolest thing ever.

I heart it so hard.

But I don’t mean that in a power-hungry way. Not at all, actually..

You can know everything you want about frame control but unless you actually live like a badass when people aren’t watching too,
you’re not going to be able to influence anyone, or any girl for that matter. However..

If you are a badass, and you know how to use frame control and framing to your advantage, you now have the easy ability to create insane amounts of positive, sexual excitement with your girls.

The reason why is simple: Most girls “frames” are highly moldable.

This isn’t a bad thing. Not even a little. At its core, this is a big reason why women are so awesome. It’s why..

They’re open, perceptive and fluid, and..

This is totally fvcking awesome for seducing her the way she wants to be seduced..

Check it: Whatever frame you’re acting through with a girl (and you’re truly committed to the frame), she will take it on and act through that frame herself.

Like, I don’t know, for instance, what if your frame was that SHE is making YOU like her?

Best. Frame. Ever.

This is Method #28, the two-step formula I use over and over in almost every seduction..

It goes like this:

Step 1. Blame my attraction, escalation or any other sexual thoughts on her (this is my frame, that it’s her fault)

Step 2. Take it away (this creates the space for maximum sexual tension)

Let’s go to the big screen for an example here:

You’re with a girl you met 15 minutes ago.

It’s clearly on – you guys are flirting, playful touching, eye contact, the whole 9.

But you want to step it up a notch and really turn the heat up.

You look at her and say, “Seriously, why are you doing this to me? Making me like you and thinking about kissing you. Not fair.” (STEP 1)

She laughs and says, “Me!? You! You’re making me think about all that stuff!”

You smirk and calmly reply, “It wouldn’t matter anyways. Cute girls are always so unimaginative in bed.” (STEP 2)

She shrieks in delight and smacks you on the arm as you pull her in and kiss the fvck out of her.

This making sense?

Good, it should.

Ask yourself now: What are some funny things you could say that would blame your attraction for her ON HER?

Here’s a quick brain dump of mine (STEP 1):

  • Why are you doing this to me? You’re the worst. I hate you.
  • Seriously, stop it. Stop looking at me like that. Don’t smile
  • at me like that either.
  • Are you trying to hypnotize me with your eyes right now?
  • Why are you making me think these thoughts about you?
  • You know, it’s really not cool to be so cute and charming. Not fair.
  • Do you seduce every guy like this?
  • It’s really not fair of you to make me feel this way about you.
  • How did you know I have a weakness for brunettes from Southern
  • Cali? You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you…I’m on to your tricks
    little one.
  • -And so on.

Here are the two different ways I find it most fun to “take away” after you blame it on her.. (STEP 2):

1. The “I can’t even talk to you anymore”..


  • I can’t even look at you anymore, stop it, turn the other way..
    (as you playfully turn her the other way)
  • I can’t even talk to you anymore, seriously, zip it, shut yourmouth now..
    (as you playfully close her lips with your hands)
  • You’re the worst. I hate everything about you, especially how
    you make me feel when you smile and laugh. Seriously. Stop it. Now.
    Leave. Get out of here. (and then of course, I playfully push her
    away before pulling her back in for a kiss)

2. Creating a real or fake barrier.

Barriers put attraction on steroids.

Think of Romeo and Juliet..

How much of their love affair was spurred by both of their families not wanting them to hook up, or aka.. ACTING AS A BARRIER.



  • – It wouldn’t matter anyways…cute girls are always bad in bed.And boring. Fvccckkkk.. So boring.
  • It doesn’t matter anyways, that guy there is really into you, we could never do that to him..

That last one is one of my personal favs..

You just pick out a random guy in the bar and pretend he has a huge crush on the girl you’re talking to and you guys can’t hook up
because “you couldn’t do that to him”…even though neither of you know him at all. See..

..fake barriers work just as well as real ones. They spark the same emotions.

This is one of the greatest things you could ever do with a girl, and you can bring it up FOREVER as an inside joke between you two, sparking that same emotion of INTENSE ATTRACTION every single time.

That tip right there is worth the entire investment of this book. You’re welcome 🙂

And hey, if you somehow got access to this method, Method #2 of The 77 Ways, through Bobby, I hope you got a lot out of it.

Come join us inside and get access to the rest of the 77 methods

Peace beast.

-Jason Capital


Hey… Bobby here again…

I hope you enjoyed Jason’s article. I told you it was in depth.

And his book is exactly the same. Full of indepth examples and strategies…

Check it out…

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Isandy November 19, 2013 at 12:33 am

Thanks for this one, I think I`ve uncconciously use this one sometime, but now I know, I hope it works great.

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