Use THIS text… (to re-engage a girl who slipped away)

by Bobby Rio


Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 11.33.11 AMMy friend Race shared this with me the other day and I thought it was great…

So I asked him if I can share it with you and he said definitely.

So here it is…

btw- Race has some more really solid texting advice here.


The “It’s not your fault” technique.

Ever wonder what is going through a woman’s mind when she reads your text and doesn’t respond?

What if it is your second or third one in a row with no response? I have already covered a bunch of possibilities in TEXT THAT
, but right now I want to tell you about one in specific that I didn’t go over and how to deal with it.


Often times when a woman doesn’t respond after a couple texts she feels guilty (among other things) if you keep texting her. Especially because in the past when this has happened with other guys they would get angry and send rude texts even though she didn’t mean to hurt their feelings.

But not you my friend!

You are about to learn the super secret “It’s not your fault” technique.

The “It’s not your fault” technique

The reason this technique works so well is that it gives the girl an excuse for not responding to you. And a fun one at that! It has nothing to do with you (you are awesome after all), she was just caught up in something.

Not only that, it more often than not leads you right into a fun role-play. And as you know from TEXT THAT GIRL, role-playing is a powerful way to build attraction.

The “It’s not your fault” technique is broken into 3 parts. Once you understand the parts, you can make up hundreds of your own personal, unique texts that will have that one that got away clamoring to text you back.

Ready to see how it works? I thought so.


1. well it is obvious…

Start off by creating a funny reason she hasn’t been able to text you back. As you will see in a second, it can be anything from joining the circus to being abducted by aliens.

2. the creative middle

Next you add in a funny/ teasing event or part of the situation that happened during the event that is clearly keeping her from texting you back. It can be something you hope happened to her or something you hope didn’t happen to her. It can be something she had to do or is in the middle of doing. For example, if it was joining the circus it could have to do with her having to shovel elephant poop or teaching penguins to do cartwheels.

3. the hook

Now we come to the part where you compel her to respond. Simply tell her that when she is finished with whatever she is doing, get’s back, escapes, etc to text you back. I like to add that I have a question for her or I have a fun idea at the end. This is just a little extra something that encourages her even more to respond by piquing her curiosity. It is very powerful. I usually just make up a question if she asks. Often it is seeding an invite to meeting
up that week. For example: “Have you ever been to (insert bar/coffee shop/park/ etc)?”

Are you ready to see what this looks like all put together?

Check check check it out.

Example 1:

well it is obvious you were abducted by aliens…i hope they were the hot brad pitt looking kind and not the ugly green ones…when they return you give me a text i have a question for ya

Example 2:

well it is obvious you ran off to join the circus so when you finish braiding the bearded lady’s face shoot me a text I have a quick question for you

Example 3:

well it is obvious you finally pursued your dream of becoming a mermaid…when you are done singing songs with your underwater friends send me a text i have a fun idea

(get dozens of more examples here)

Pretty cool huh?

Now imagine a girl or even a buddy sent you this text. You better bet your ass you would be laughing and want to respond.

Now get your phone out and give it a try!

And if you like this structure, check out more of my examples and structures for texting here.



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