Elixir of Eros Thoughts and Review

by Bobby Rio

My Review of Elixir of Eros

Every time you approach a new girl there are moments when you know that if you say or do the "right thing" you will spark her interest, make her more attracted to you and even get her to want to have sex with you.

But how often do you actually say or do the "right thing"? And if you want to get her back to your place, you have to string together several "right things." For many guys, this seems impossible, especially if they are attempting to seduce a girl who they really, really want. Even if you have gotten her attention, one misstep can undo everything and leave you embarrassed and thinking that it would have been better if you hadn't approached her in the first place because she was "out of your league."

No woman is out of your league

Mike Wright's Elixir of Eros was written to help guys who struggle with these confidence-killing situations and guys who constantly think they are "out of her league." If you buy into the viewpoint of this program, no woman alive is beyond your natural seduction abilities.

It's obvious that a lot of research went into this program. A lot of what Mike teaches is based on science and on knowledge about desire and emotion that goes all the way back to ancient times.

So in one sense, there are no new ingredients in Elixir. However, the way that Mike shows guys how to use this knowledge is very fresh and different from almost all of the other pick up artist programs out there.

For guys who have been frustrated again and again, something radically different like Elixir of Eros is certainly worth more than a quick read.

A simple solution that you haven't think of before

Mike teaches guys that everything you need to trigger desire, lust and feelings of infatuation in a girl occurs naturally. The natural sexual tension between males and females is always there, so you don't have to say or do anything to create it, you just have to know how to tap into it. Elixir of Eros is all about learning how to take advantage of this natural energy by using "triggers" to spark her desire.

I was actually a bit frustrated when I first read about the natural sexual tension idea. Not because the triggers seemed difficult to master (they are quite the opposite in fact), but because I realized that there were so many times that I had tried some stupid line or outrageous action to get a girl's attention when a much simpler, more natural approach would have actually worked.

Never get rejected again

The other main subject of Elixir of Eros is confidence-building. Mike breaks down the triggers so that they are really small, simple actions. So even guys who struggle with shyness or guys whose confidence has been totally shot can use the triggers to get her interested AND to build their confidence without making any major, aggressive moves that run the risk being shot down spectacularly.

Because this approach is so different, most of the woman you approach probably aren't even going to be be aware of what you are doing until they feel that naturally-occurring desire.

Elixir takes the whole confidence-building a step further. Mike teaches the importance of changing your mindset. For example, he writes that all guys have qualities that women will find attractive and that will make them consider you a possible sexual partner, but most guys do not know how to bring out these qualities and showcase them. So Elixir spends time teaching guys how put the spotlight on the qualities that turn women on.

Mike explains that this is something that any guy can do right away because the traits have nothing to do with being fit or having a big back account.

Immediate improvement AND long term success

The reason I was excited after going through Elixir of Eros for the first time is that it offers guys a chance for immediate improvement. The change in mindset and approach are things that you can start applying right away. As soon as you see that it works, then there is going to be a big spike in your confidence level.

Most programs leave it at that. They figure "at least these guys will think they got their money's worth."

But Elixir gives guys the knowledge and tools to continue to build on this first success. This is why I feel confident that if you keep going with this program and its ideas, no female will be "out of your league."

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