I'm Bobby Rio. And I'm a sexaholic.

No seriously, my story began in 1998 when I stumble upon Ross Jeffries while in the mist of an unhappy relationship back in college.

Why was I in an unhappy relationship?

Simple. I had no choice.

So I accepted what I got. And it just so happened that what I got was a chubby, controlling, rude, and obnoxious girl… who I stayed with far longer than I should have.

Why did I have no choice?

Because I was piss-in-my-pants scared to talk to girls. And even when I gathered up the courage to talk to them… I bored them to tears. And usually walked away with my tale between my legs.

What happened with Ross?

Like a good friend I introduced my pal Mike Stoute and another friend-who is in politics and would like to remain nameless. I soon dumped my miserable GF. I wasn't into Ross's NLP stuff… although from the few times I used it I saw that it worked… it really wasn't my style.

I've always been more of the cocky/funny type and felt weird spouting out NLP patterns. But I thought Ross's self confidence and attitude stuff was gold.

The little secret why it worked…

Here’s the thing… as some of you who are familiar with the Confidential Social Intelligence Manuscript know… I designed my social life in a way that had women come to me…

The small problem had always been that even when they came to me… I couldn’t capitalize on it. And still wound up blowing it.

The reason that Ross’s stuff worked for me was simple. It gave me something to say to women. Since I wasn’t nervous about “what to say” I found myself more open to starting conversations… and the weird thing was… I rarely used Ross’s material once the conversation got started.

Over the next year I came into my own with women. I was getting laid left and right. Can't attribute it all to Ross Jeffries as I was in college and had created a nice social scene for myself. Life was good. Then I fucked it all up my falling for a girl named Beth. She was the pinnacle of what I wanted at the time… Extremely well known, hot, homecoming queen, had most of my friends drooling… so I made her my girlfriend. I rode that wave the rest of college. (I cringe when I think of all the hot college ass I missed out on) When college ended so did our relationship.

Only now I was out of college, and was no longer Master of the Universe. I fell into a slump I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. It was a combination of self pity, depression, and having been out of the game so long, but it all added up to many nights jerking off to The HUN.

The Return of the Shyness

My unrelenting shyness and lack of conversation skills came back HARD CORE.

One night, with my dick in my hand cruising the internet for good porn, I decided to Google Ross Jeffries and see if I could find something to motivate me. My search opened me up to a whole new world. I ordered several books right away… The Game, then Double Your Dating were the first I remember reading.

But I went on to read just about everything out there.

My progression was pretty fast. I must say that I've always been the partying type and that has helped me take advantage of and rule every social scene I've entered. But it was the knowledge of women that put me over the top.

Now, since then I had my ups and downs. Have you ever had “the sickness” I have. (read about it)


But have long since been at the point where I ever worry about meeting women. Right now, I’m in a relationship with a beautiful Colombian… but even if we broke up tomorrow… I now have, what I sorely lack back in college. CHOICE.

Back in 2005 along with my friend Mike Stoute, I started TSB Magazine as a way organizing all of the information I had learned over the years.

I had also felt that men were lacking a website that both gave honest dating advice… and was not creepy or weird like most pua blogs out there.

TSB Magazine was almost an instant hit. Which was great because it allowed me to meet and hangout with some of the greatest pickup artists on the planet.

Which in turn, allowed me to learn and improve even more.

The Social Training Lab

I conceived the Social Training Lab a few years back. I was mentoring a group of guys that I had me through TSB Magazine and they were getting outstanding results.

I’ve always loved the idea of a Mastermind. I thought it would be brilliant to create a mastermind of guys, all learning together.

I decided that I could increase the power of the mastermind by bringing in guest trainers and instructors to talk about their specialties…

And so the Social Training Lab was born…

Beyond Pickup

The biggest benefit that I’ve found with the Social Training Lab is that it has extended beyond pickup. I’ve always held the premise that guys who seek to get better with women are the same sort of guys who seek to improve other areas of their lives.

Because of this, I’ve found that the Mastermind we’ve created has come to educate each other on building businesses, fitness, and a host of other topics.

I’ve learned as much from my students… and continue to learn something new every day.

Moving Forward

I’ve stayed in the dating advice field now for one main reason. I love self improvement and personal growth. And I feel that personal development begins with conquering your dating life. And I love being there to help you take that first step to becoming a more developed man.

I’m here to help, and I encourage you to take advantage of that.

To our Success,

Bobby Rio

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TSB Magazine: TSB Magazine

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