Let me ask you something… (and be honest)

Have you ever blown it with a girl for any of the following reasons:

  • You were noticeable shy, insecure, or nervous around her and you killed any chance of her feeling attraction towards YOU?
  • You had a sudden “brain freeze” in the middle of talking to her… OR you just felt like you had absolutely nothing interesting to say to her?
  • You were too worried about what SHE was thinking that you couldn’t relax and be natural and fun?
  • You didn’t know when… or even how to make your move… and even when you spotted an opportunity you weren’t assertive enough to go for it?
  • You avoided sex because you were too worried she would notice your lack of experience in the bedroom?
  • You let a comment from a woman completely throw you off your game…

Worst of all…

Did you ever feel like you just couldn’t help it? Like you were powerless against your reaction? Like it would just keep happening over and over again?

Bad News…

You were POWERLESS against it. And it WILL keep happening over and over again.

That’s the way our mind works.

The mind does what it knows best. It forms habits based on experience. And it develops an “instinct.”

And right or wrong, in any given situation your mind acts on INSTINCT.

  • Your mind going blank is an instinct.
  • Talking yourself out of approaching that girl you’d like to talk to is an instinct.
  • Missing a chance to go for the kiss is an instinct
  • When your face gets red, your voice slightly cracks, and you feel like you can’t control your nerve… that’s an instinct.

And no matter how hard you CONSCIOUSLY try to act differently; Instinct ALWAYS wins.

This is why even though you “know” how to act around women; you find yourself reverting back to your same old, conditioned behavior.

Here’s the Good News…

You can develop an “Attraction Instinct”

Do you want to know what an attraction instinct looks like? Simply look around at the guys you know who are good with women. They have developed an “Attraction Instinct.”

Remember, your mind forms habits based on experience. And those habits become your instinct. They become your natural reaction in a situation.

This is why it seems that some guys can always be funny around women. Some guys never run out of things to say. Some guys never seem to be afraid to approach. Some guys always “close the deal.”

They are acting on instinct.

Instinct can act for you… or against you.

“Tools That Train Your Mind for Attraction”

So how can YOU train your mind to work FOR YOU instead of against you?

First I want you to do yourself a favor…

Exercise #1

Just imagine for a second what it would be like if you always found yourself walking towards and starting a conversion with that cute girl. (seriously, picture it for a moment)

Imagine her eyes lighting up as you walk toward her. Without a second thought… somehow you were talking to her.

And not just talking to her… Imagine yourself talking confidently, always knowing the right thing to say… always making her laugh… smoothly going in for the kiss and closing the deal.

Now Imagine if THAT was YOUR INSTINCT.

Imagine if that was what you always just naturally did. It was your conditioned response.

Let tell you the “trick” to creating this “attraction instinct”.

The Power of Visualizations: “The Ultimate Mind Control Tool”

If you ask any high performing athlete the secret of their success, you will most inevitably hear the word “visualization” come up at some point.

Tiger Woods, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and dozen of other athletes admit to spending massive amounts of time seeing in their mind the results they want to achieve. What they are doing is training their mind to handle the exact same situation when it occurs in reality.

In his book ‘Beneath the Surface’, Michael Phelps wrote, “When I’m about to fall asleep, I visualize to the point that I know exactly what I want to do: dive, glide, stroke, flip, reach the wall, hit the split time to the hundredth, then swim back again for as many times as I need to finish the race”.

And its not just athletes; Entrepreneurs, entertainers, CEOs, and super successful salesman all harness the power of visualizations.

In fact I dare you to find one highly successful person who hasn’t used visualization to help them get where they are.

I know I have… and have seen them work MAGIC in my life.

“Why Visualizations Work”

Let me explain the “magic” that makes this all work: Your mind (your brain and nervous system) can’t differentiate between real and imagined experiences.

So if for one week straight you sit in your room, close your eyes and spend ten minutes visualizing yourself as an experienced and competent seducer. And you imagine clearly what you will look like, feel like, and act like once you’ve mastered this area of your life. And you visualize yourself in the company of the woman you want to be with, and see yourself successfully interacting with her… over and over again…

Your mind BELIEVES that is your natural way of behaving. And it programs in THAT RESPONSE in the future.

Your mind and body begin working FOR YOU… instead of AGAINST YOU.

What you will also notice is:

  • You find yourself naturally starting more conversations with strangers (particularly women you want to talk to)
  • Your nerves completely disappear.
  • Your voice gets louder and sounds more confident.
  • You begin taking more risks.
  • You become more assertive and begin “making your move” without hesitation.
  • Your entire body begins to feel more relaxed, your posture improves, and nervous ticks disappear.
  • Your IMAGINATION begins firing more fluidly. This means the right thing to say pops into your head. You see opportunities where you used to see obstacles. And you become more creative, funny, and bold.
  • You SURPRISE YOURSELF. You make jokes, flirt, and even get sexual in ways you’d never imagined you could.

So the question is…

If you’re not already using visualizations…. WHY THE HELL NOT?

“Hot-Wire Your Mind”

It’s time to “take back control of your mind.”

And I want to walk you through the process. Its VERY SIMPLE.

I created five guided visualizations that you can use to program yourself for success. I created these guided visualizations to help you overcome the five major areas that hold guys back.

How it works: You just listen to the audio every day for a minimum of 21 days. Listen to the guided visualization and follow along with the suggestions. And let your mind take care of the rest.

Let me tell you about them.

Five Guided Visualizations for Developing “The Attraction Instinct”:

Attraction Instinct GV1:“Unstoppable Self Confidence”

  • Radiate a relaxed, powerful confidence that has women choosing you from the crowd
  • Walk into a room feeling unstoppable and command the attention of every girl there
  • Completely eliminate any nervousness or anxiety in social situations

Attraction Instinct GV2: “Approaching Women on Auto-Pilot”

  • Spot a woman and approach her without the slightest bit of hesitation
  • Feel calm and comfortable starting conversations with strangers
  • Find yourself “Breaking the ice” with girls without even thinking about it
  • Energetically move into conversations

Attraction Instinct GV3: Charismatic Conversations”

  • Never run out of things to say again
  • Keep the conversation flowing in a fun, flirtatious way that has girls captivated and engaged.
  • Spark undeniable “chemistry” and “connection”
  • Have your imagination providing you exactly what to say in any situation

Attraction Instinct GV4:“Cool Under Pressure & Handling Tests”

  • Be cool, calm, and comfortable regardless of what she says or does
  • Develop the “alpha attitude” that has you become “the leader of the pack”
  • Have a “mind like water” that is unaffected by rejection, shit tests, or attempts to throw you off your game
  • Allow your dominant, alpha nature to immerge from within

Attraction Instinct GV5: “Sexual Power”

  • Develop a “Sexual Aura” that triggers sexual attraction at a subliminal level
  • Feel powerful, experienced, and dominant in the bedroom (even if you’re a virgin)
  • Become a masterful lover that has her screaming in pleasure
  • Confidently “close the deal” every time

All Guided Visualizations are Digital in MP3 Format.

Get all (5) Guided Visualizations for Just $14 for a Limited Time

This System Has Always Existed

Here is the truth; for YEARS I listened to various self help guru’s preaching the importance of visualizations. Since the early 1900’s various “success coaches” have been stressing their importance. Now at first I chalked it up to just being new age “woo-woo”. Finally I gave in and tried them. And the results were magical. I’ve used guided visualizations to help me earn more money, get over sexual anxiety, become more “extroverted”, lose 17 pounds and much more.

The one thing I noticed was there were no Guided Visualizations that dealt with “dating and romance.” So I worked with several of my private coaching clients and mapped out their common fears, frustrations, and anxieties that were unconsciously holding them back. And I scripted out five guided visualizations that work to overcome all these different areas.

These five guided visualizations will take root deep in your unconscious mind and begin transforming the way you naturally react to situations like approaching women, going for the kiss, projecting confidence, getting sexual, handling women’s tests, and much more.

Don’t let the size (or price) fool you. Each of these MP3 are less than 15 minutes long. But 15 minutes per day for 21 days is all it takes to form new empowering instincts and habits.

It is truly, the best of the best there is, and the system is simple and FAST to learn so you can implement these new mindsets immediately.

Why Re-Invent the Wheel

There is an old saying “why re-invent the wheel.” Think about that before you go try this on your own.

You can attempt to do these visualizations on your own without having someone guide you through the imagery and auditory sensations. But here’s what I found- when I tried to do it on my own I often lost concentration, felt I was doing it wrong, and ultimately would give up before seeing the desired results.

On the other hand, you can just sit back and listen to the exact scripts and visualization exercises that have helped me and countless private clients of mine.

Why It’s Just $14

I’m only charging $14 for this training for a few reasons:

1. $14 puts these guided visualizations within reach of the vast majority of people. It’s not too expensive for even the humblest beginner.

2. Its that important. I WANT you to have this. So why am I not giving it away for free then? Because i figured that anyone who is serious about getting better with women will invest $14 into these audios and take the time to follow along daily and do the actual exercices.

3. Anyone who is not serious enough to put down the price of a fast food burger and buy this training , I really can’t even understand, and you probably wouldn’t be dedicated enough to make the changes anyway

If you’re thinking $14 why so cheap? What’s the catch? There is none. No hidden charges. And definitely No forced membership.

I’m selling this training for $14 for one simple reason: to weed out the guys on my email list who aren’t serious about change. (If you’re unwilling to spend $14 for a chance to dramatically increase your levels of confidence, assertiveness, and attractive behavior then you should probably NOT be on my email list)

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“Warning: You’ve Been Programming Yourself to Fail”


If you struggle around women its probably because your “self defeating.”

Prior to a date, a night out at bar, or even just prior to picking up the phone and calling a woman- you’ve already prepared yourself to LOSE.

And you do one of two things:

1. You vividly focus on what might go wrong (ie running out of things to talk about, her rejecting you, the embarrassment you’ll feel, not performing well in the bedroom, the anxiety of going for that first kiss)

All the while- you’re training yourself to fail. You’re reinforcing the Failure Instinct.


2. You vividly focus on WHAT you’re going to do or say. But… there is an undercurrent of nervousness or uncertainty. You are unable to really picture the result. Instead you focus too much on the “what” and the “how.”

Here you’re training yourself to feel uncertainty. And once again, reinforcing the Failure Instinct.

*There is a simple truth: Your mind finds a way to get you what you spend the majority of your time focused on.*

If you spend all your focused on ‘ how the hell am I going to get my bills paid this month’.. month after month you’re going to be struggling to pay your bills.

If you spend all your time focused on ‘why the hell can’t I go for the kiss’… time after time you’re going to BLOW IT AGAIN when it comes time to go for it.

On the other hand if you focus all your intention on what it feels like to have successful GOTTEN THE KISS. Time and time again you’ll go in for the kiss (and get it) without even thinking about it.

Visualizations (assuming your visualizing the right things) train your mind to WIN. They program you for success. By focusing on the END RESULT YOU DESIRE.

(Not “the what”, not “the how”, and not all the things that could possibly go wrong.)

They keep your mind focused on what it feels like to achieve that WIN.

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P.S. Remember, There is more real actionable information in this Training than you’ll get reading a dozen books, the systems inside the report has worked for other people just like you, it’s 100% guaranteed so you can’t possibly lose money. It’s a no brainer.